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New York State History Brief

The land which is now known as New York was once run by two powerful groups of Native American Indians. Algonquin controlled what is now the Hudson Valley through Long Island, and the Iroquois ran the western lands.

Henry Hudson was the second European navigator  to "discover" the land but the first to claim it for the Netherlands. September 3rd 1609 he landed in what is now Manhattan. He was hired by the Dutch West India Company to find a passage from Europe to  India. Although he failed he managed to convince them that the harbor he had found would be a valuable purchase in the future. he continued upward through the land in a area now named after him, the Hudson River.
In 1614 a Dutch ship burned while visiting the harbor and the crew was forced to stay the Winter,  giving them  more time to get to know and love the land. By the time they had built a new boat they had a lot of incredible stories to take back to Holland. The first settlement was created in 1624 at Fort Orange located in what is now the State Capital, Albany. It wasn't until 1626 that Peter Minuit made the historical purchase buying the land which is now lower Manhattan. He bought it from the local Indians for only $24 worth of trinkets .  They named their land New Amsterdam and by 1653 the city's population was 800.

New York received its name in 1665 after the English seized the land from the Dutch. It was renamed in honor of James Duke of York and brother to King Charles. New York was one of the original 13 colonies that joined together to become the United States of America. It became a state on July 26 1788, it  was the 11th state to join the union.

The Erie Canal days brought forth many tall tales which are still enjoyed today, including Rip Van Winkle and  the Headless Horseman as well as a few others. Nine years after it was originally proposed by Dewitt Clinton construction of the Erie Canal began on July 4th 1817, and was completed on October 26th 1865.
 To keep up with the growing demand the canal was re-dug twice, once in 1835 to make it 7 feet deep again, in 1903 to increase it to 12 feet deep,120-200 ft wide and 363 miles long.

  Many battles and wars are a part of Northern New York's rich history. From Indian attacks on settlers to border skirmishes with the Canadians, the North Country has seen its share of unrest. In fact, the nation's military headquarters was once located at Sackets Harbor in Jefferson County.
    On the east side of the Adirondacks, the Battle of Saratoga was a strategic triumph near the end of the Revolutionary War.
    Northern soldiers went south to engage the rebs in the Civil War, while Northern New York caves and homes provided refuge on the underground railroad for escaping slaves.
    World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam all saw soldiers from the North Country serving.

Some New York State Facts

State Nickname- The Empire State
State Motto- Excelsior (ever upwards)
State Capitol- Albany
State Bird- Eastern Bluebird
State Mammal- Beaver
State Insect- Lady Bug
State Tree- Maple
State Fruit- Apple
State Flower- Rose
Area- 54,475 square miles-
4 Presidents were born here and 6 States border us.

The highest point in NY is Mt Marcy at 5344 ft, the lowest is at sea level.

New York State Regional Map

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